Jon Richards Company partners with other innovative thinkers to build sets, scenes, signs and surroundings in some of the most moving, enchanting and memorable places in the world. Every project, large and small, is an opportunity to collaborate, create, and celebrate our gifts and talents with our extraordinary partners in environmental design.

We began in 1990, a few gifted artisans crafting sets to adorn the interiors of Disney Stores. Our excellent execution of this iconic work won us a steady stream of new and varied projects throughout the ‘90s, including bringing cartoon towns to life, creating some of Disney’s most popular and ground-breaking attractions. The design and development of the famous globe and entrance at Universal Studios Florida came from the craftsmen at JRC.

In the 21st century, JRC continues growing into one of the most trusted creative shops in the world, building key elements of Disney’s California Adventure, Tokyo Disney’s Sea, and Hong Kong Disney. Architects also invite our ingenuity into the guest experience at a variety of spectacular environments. The popular Mills Malls throughout the USA feature sets and scenes to entice and delight shoppers, all brought to you with our assistance. When architect Frank Gehry was putting his finishing touches on the Disney Concert Hall, Jon Richards Company was there providing the environmental graphics.

For over 20 years, millions have delighted in the signs, lighting, props, displays and environments that have grown from our wood, metal and paint shops in Mira Loma, California. Now, as we expand to Orlando in 2014, one can only imagine what will emerge from the collaborative and creative minds of the Jon Richards Company, working with the imaginations of our ingenious clients, like you.

Some notable projects of ours:

  • Toontown, Anaheim CA 
  • Animal Kingdom, Orlando FL 
  • Seuss Landing, Orlando FL 
  • Universal Globe, Orlando FL 
  • The Henry Ford Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI 
  • Tokyo Disney Sea, Tokyo, Japan 
  • Mills Malls, USA 
  • Hong Kong Disney, Hong Kong 
  • Cars Land, Anaheim, CA 
  • DCA Buena Vista Street, Anaheim CA 
  • The Burbank Studio, Burbank CA 
  • Fantasy Faire, Anaheim CA